Organic Color System

Leeza uses Organic Colour Systems, which is:
  • Made with certified organic ingredients 
  • No ammonia, parabens, formaldehyde, plastics, SLS, or thioglycolates 
  • 100% vegan friendly & cruelty-free; no animal testing, no animal byproducts
  • Environmentally, socially, and “fair-trade” products made with complete integrity
  • British Import - Higher Standards for Quality and Health
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Colors (Organic Color Systems)
Starting at $65

Low Maintenance, High Fashion, Healthy Hair - Individually Designed Hair Colors

Color corrections requires a consultation. 

Organic Color System Results

Low Maintenance, High Fashion, Healthy Hair

About Leeza

About Leeza
* Formally of Jose Eber Salon in Los Angeles
* Hair for contestants on Dancing with the Stars
* Hair & make-up for attendees for Los Angeles based Award Shows
* Studied Advanced Oil Painting at LSU
* Studied Psychology, Philosophy and Nutrition at CU
* Certified in Healthy Living and Iridology

* AVEDA color certified
* Uses Organic Color System

Leeza, with 35 years of experience in the beauty industry, has developed the ability to find an image in everyone!