Services & Pricing

By appointments only 
Please no walk-ins. 

First Time clients:
Complimentary consultation offered over text message.

Hair Studio consultation, by appointment:
30 minuets - $45.00

Leeza L.A. Botanical Hair Studio accepts all major credit cards. 
 Please no checks and/or tips.  

Individually Designed Hair Services 
by Leeza L.A.

We use Organic Colour System with Certified Organic botanical extracts.


  • Haircuts - $75 
    • Drying hair included 

Blow-dry and Style

  • Blow-dry and Style starting at $60

Bangs Trim 

  • Bangs trim $25

  • Roots all other starting at $105 
  • Full color starting at $145
  • Allergy Test is available for $45 (have to be don 48 hours before color service)

Highlights or Lowlights (Organic Colour System) 
Partial Highlights                   Full Highlights
  • Partial starting at $145 
  • Full starting at $225 (two or more colors starting at $295)

Balayage Highlights (Organic Colour System)
Painting hair - individually designed pieces that create a natural contrast that allows you to grow out your roots, but not your part.
  • Partial Starting at $145
  • Full Starting at $225(two or more colors starting $295)

                            Fading color that reaches to the ends of the hair 
                              A natural look of grown out sun-kissed hair. 

 Starting at $325

    Color Correction
    30 minutes Consultation required 
    Vanish - Natural Sulfate Base Gently Removes Unwonted Colors
    (before desired color is applied) 
    Before and After 
    •  Starting at $320

    Professional Deep Conditioner Treatment 

    • Starting at $55


    Starting at $150

    Leeza L.A. Botanical Hair Studio accepts major credit cards. 
    Please no checks and/or tips. 
    Leeza L.A. Botanical Hair Studio: 
    • Is not responsible for previously damaged hair
    • Has the right to refuse service
    • Advise to discuss service price during consultation
    • Gives no refunds for any services performed
    • Is not responsible for allergic reactions
    • Promotions or discounts cannot be combined.
    • Services performed at client's risk.
    Cancelation Policy: 

    - Please give a cancelation notice at least two days prior to scheduled appointment in order for no cancellation fees to occur. 

    - If appointment cancelation occurs one day before scheduled appointment, 50% of scheduled service will be charged. 

    - If cancelation occurs on the same day of scheduled appointment, the full price of service will be charged. Exceptions; uncontrolled emergencies. 

    By scheduling an appointment and getting services at Leeza LA Botanical Hair Studio:
    - I take full responsibility to understand Organic Colour System ingredients and how they interact with me and my hair. (I will contact Organic Colour System for ingredients if needed). - I will not hold my hairstylist responsible for any allergic reactions and/or any unexpected color results. 
    - I also take full responsibility to check on these color ingredients with my doctor if pregnant or if I have any medical concerns. 
    - After coloring, I take full responsibility to use appropriate hair care (like shampoos and conditioners with no sulfates) and I take responsibility to keep my hair away from chlorinated water and salt water. Overall, I take responsibility to keep my hair away from harsh chemicals, natural elements, and sulfates. 
    - I understand that if my hair will be processed from dark to blond, I may not get the desirable result from the first visit and may need to visit for additional services and pay for these additional services. 
    - I understand that the hairstylist cannot 100% guarantee desired result due to different invisible undertones in each individual's hair and the prolonged affect of previously colored hair. 
    - I understand that the hairstylist will do the best possible work on my hair by using her professional expertise. 
    - I have checked and understand that starting pricing will be charged, however depending on hair thickness, length, and service performed a higher price could be charged.